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Financial innovation

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World class infrastructure

Quantessence Financial SA/NV is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services & Markets Authority in Belgium and by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Discover how we can help you

Quantessence can help you launch innovative financial products, minimising the need for internal resources and ensuring a fast time to market.

Fast Track to Digitalisation

We help you with the digital transformation of your services, from front-end support to automated processing, order management and back.

Flawless Automation

Streamlined processes from customer input to order generation.


You decide which services to outsource.
We’ll make them scalable.

Supporting Financial Innovation

Move away from “one size fits all” savings products.
Remove internal hurdles to deliver new financial products.
Use technology to enhance your products.

We’ll make it happen for you.


We support your product innovation with tools and neutral, expert advice.

No Hidden Costs

At Quantessence we value transparency.
There are no hidden fees.

The infrastructure hub for savings and investment products

Quantessence is an agile fintech that brings innovation to the savings and investment market.

We are part of the Euroclear group, one of the world’s largest financial infrastructure providers, which aims to strengthen the world's capital markets by providing leading and secure pre- and post-trading services.

Every 6 days, Euroclear settles an amount equivalent to the GDP of the entire EU. Participants trust Euroclear with € 37.6 Tn assets in custody.

Open Architecture

Open pipeline to the market. You select your partners, we create the connections.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

No surprises. Upgrades and innovations are included from the start.

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